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Dennis Merlini


Dennis Merlini, an Italian artist from the Marche region, currently lives and works in Milan. The artist began experimenting with drawing and the artistic vibration of colours at an early age. His profound respect for Nature, his greatest source of inspiration, led him to pursue economic-financial studies, discussing his degree thesis on sustainable finance, demonstrating how it is possible to combine economic-financial demands with social-environmental ones.

Over the years Dennis has continued painting surreal and dream-like subjects with the harmonious use of the entire range of colours, playing with the contrasts of light and dark, in which the light emerges forcefully within landscapes/night visions and sunsets. Twilight represents a moment of profound passage, a momentum of spiritual connection, in which nature calls the individual to a Sacred silence.

Dennis discovers and deepens his knowledge of bioenergetics by obtaining a counselling diploma in Biotransenergetics with a Transpersonal orientation, a four-year course led by P.L. Lattuada. This course feeds and influences his artistic creativity in ART BEYOND BORDERS (Arte Oltreconfine), which represents the manifestation of meditations, deep inspirations and connection with a higher consciousness through the beauty of nature, a bridge between Heaven and Earth, between Science and Consciousness.

Dennis mission is the Union between Heaven and Earth, between Soul and Body, between Mind and Heart.


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