Goals and Objectives of E.T.C.D.


  • To build a Transpersonal Coaching Community on a global scale, because there is a need for humans to unlock their full potential, to move beyond the egoic and ethnocentric consciousness and to co-create activities for the creation of wealth with participants from all over the world.
  • To align or partner with individuals and organizations whose purposes and aspirations are to share transpersonal wisdoms and practices, and to provide opportunities for an open-minded exchange on coaching techniques and experiences; with the objective in mind of developing Transpersonal Coaching on a deeper level and spreading the transpersonal view to therapists, coaches, management and the society in general.
  • To create a vibrant, energizing and informative online environment to support the exchange and growth of professional coaches, as well as to develop and introduce Transpersonal Coaching in all spheres of daily life: in institutions, universities, communities, companies, NGOs or in the area of personal transformation.
  • To promote a creative and efficient intercultural exchange of wealth and wisdom in the Transpersonal community.

Specific Actions of E.T.C.D.

  • To advance the education and provide fulfilling practices in Transpersonal Coaching, in order to set up a bridge between the spiritual and material aspects of life.
  • To develop and implement targeted marketing initiatives with the purpose of encouraging growth to the Transpersonal Coaching professionals. The marketing initiatives will take place during EUROTAS conferences and symposiums.
  • To collaborate and build a network of strategic alliances and relationships worldwide to maximize the potential of the members and the profession.
  • To continue to strive to our highest standards in Transpersonal Coaching (The E.T.C.I. will offer accreditation of Transpersonal Coaching. This will be performed after consensus at the respective board meeting).

What is Transpersonal Coaching?

Transpersonal coaching has its own signs of identity and recognizes the vast untapped resource in the wealth of our superconscious realm, which is full of intuition, imagery, creative ability, innovation, full of peak experiences, joy and love. These go beyond the linear way of the rational mind but do include it.

We are spiritual beings that are a soul and that have a body and mind. Transpersonal means everything located beyond the personal and into the realm of the divine, the sacred. Helping society to go beyond the personal into the transpersonal and develop the best characteristics humans can develop, such as integrity, compassion, wisdom or love.

Today the transpersonal view is more and more appreciated and validated by people of all ages. Transpersonal consciousness and wisdom can now be accessed and awakened also in very early stages of life. More and more young people are coming with a very conscious awareness about the authentic self, which formerly was a privilege of mature humans in the second half of their life.

The pillars of Transpersonal Coaching are focused in the humanistic psychological topics which are: authentic communication, emotional and intuitive wisdom, mind-body-soul connection, unlimited creativity, techniques to research extraordinary states of consciousness.

They allow to coordinate all traditions and schools that offer a formation in this subject and to issue certification that acknowledges and verifies transpersonal stages.



Transpersonal Coaching is directed to people that are looking for and wish to choose a life of deeper meaning, purpose, sharing and social activism.

In the transpersonal field we are dealing with many levels of consciousness, in some traditions named as the subtle, the soul, the core, the essence or psychic center, activated by techniques such as meditation, shamanic rituals, dancing, lucid dreaming, near-death-experiences or other methods. Our intent is to create an atmosphere of learning, sharing and change, of mutual support and interaction, to generate a creative dialogue with the internal and external world.

Objectives of Transpersonal Coaching:

  • To support and accomplish people’s real-life purpose.
  • To unlock the full potential of human beings.
  • To develop and share tools and techniques in order to improve transpersonal coaching competences.
  • To create a positive, enhancing atmosphere of mutual respect and support.
  • To develop authentic communication skills and to develop a new understanding of transpersonal relationships.

About the E.T.C.D. Co-Founders

The E.T.C.D. is formed by professionals with extensive experience in different fields coaching, psychology, communication, educational and university studies.

  • Jaume Mestres (Spain), M.A., Coach EUROTAS Member, Board of Directors
  • Magda Solé (Spain), M.A., Pychoterapist EUROTAS Member, Board of Directors
  • Brian Les Lancanter Ph.D., Alef Trust Global MSc/PhD courses in Transpersonal.
  • Jevon Dangeli MSc NLP trainer, transpersonal coach.
  • Ralph Wilms (Switzerland) Coach, Social Scientist
  • Hsuieh Dean Lee, Educator, Life Coach.
  • Paula Manghi (Spain), B.A., Transpersonal Coach, EUROTAS Member

The Transpersonal Coach

The transpersonal coach is not bound by any particular spiritual tradition. He will not try “to impose” his own practice on to his client, even if he may have a certain preference in relation to meditation techniques and therapeutic methods. Of course, it is advantageous if i.e.. he or she has a regular practice in Buddhist breathing techniques, meditations from the Hindu yoga tradition, Zen or Sufism.

The paths in the transpersonal field may be different, but ultimately the goal is always arriving in the here and now, in the presence of pure being. There is nothing personal left, that he wants to impose on another, because the non-dual experience of the presence transcends all concepts and beliefs. Wilber calls this condition “liquid consciousness”. Liquid consciousness means that you no longer have to believe your own beliefs, that there is no fixation in relation to any conviction. Just as I can classify every thought to be relatively true, I can also assess methods as relatively reasonable. Maslow is attributed the saying: “If your only tool is a hammer, everything looks like nails.” This brings it right to the point. Many consultants or coaches use the hammer which helped them personally or in which they have invested in their training, time and money.

If you, as a transpersonal coach, want to leave this one-way street, the next step is a step into the field of intuitive intelligence, the practice of “not-knowing”.

The transpersonal coach is not constrained by the limiting definitions of a “coach” or a “person.” The focus of his actions is a complete openness to the truth of the moment, by anchoring in the presence. As a result, a natural simplicity, authenticity and clarity emerges, and a fundamental accepting of whatever is, in each moment.

Since the transpersonal coach is hardly a person or someone defined, also the client is not perceived as a separate object. Although the coaching is done from inside the client, the transpersonal coach is aware that he is not his client, and yet at the same time he perceives himself as not separated from the client. He reflects the client, knowing that he is a “mirror” in which the boundaries between him and the other are blurred. Thus, the client feels addressed from the inside and opens without any effort.

By connecting with one’s own true nature, the not-knowing and not-anticipating approach creates a deeper insight, which now can arise spontaneously as a result of overcoming the subject-object split. In the resolution of this subject-object relationship, an expanded field of perception is created, in which intimacy can connect the transpersonal coach to each object of contemplation. Whatever I perceive, I perceive it from the inside. Thoughts, communications and actions now occur spontaneously from the energetic presence, from a unified field of consciousness.

The presence of the coach creates a deeper awareness of the self of the client, which initiates the actual healing process. C.G. Jung described healing as an alchemistic process that can only take place when two people meet essentially. If the presence of the coach is strong enough, it can act as an initiation, the first taste of oneness for the client – transcending the “little me” and moving into the field of the big mind, as the Buddhists call it. The most important requirement for the transpersonal coach is that he is open enough to go beyond what he has learned and his own mind and move to the intuitive wisdom of not-knowing, which arises from presence.

The advantage of a transpersonal coach towards a spiritual grouping is that the client has a one-to one meeting with a teacher. The coach can individually assign meditative techniques to the client, while this process otherwise would involve being part of a group or spiritual organization in order to learn specific techniques. Such groups are also increasingly shaped by rules, roles, and rituals, and of group dynamics that may prevent client to move ahead in their search for deeper truth.

Most trained coaches have learned specific methods, such as active listening, non-violent communication, body work, NLP, analytical techniques, structured approach, relaxation techniques, methods to dissolve trauma or stress, bilateral stimulation, energy work, etc., but the central question is not which technique the coach uses, but whether he or she is open enough to focus on what is really consistent in every moment and not on what he or she can do best as a coach.

Written by: Ralf Wilms / Jaume Mestres

Founded by Jaume Mestres Boquera, is a A., Coach, Psychotherapist EUROTAS Member, Board of Directors. Organize trainings retreats and Ethnotherapeutic Journeys in Mexico, Baikal lake (Russia), Karakalpakstan desert (Uzbekistan).


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