Organizational TREE Membership

This type of membership is for educational and professional organizations worldwide with a Transpersonal vision. TREE members have also the possibility to apply to become a EUROTAS Accredited Institute giving your organization the possibility to cooperate and exchange experience with other EUROTAS accredited institutes and to invite their graduates to obtain EUROTAS certification by Direct Award.

Professional LEAF Membership

The LEAF Membership is tailored for professionals and researchers in the Transpersonal Field. This includes psychologists, psychiatrists, psychotherapists, researchers, and consultants. With the LEAF Membership, you are applying for a EUROTAS Certification which, if granted, will give you a recognized certificate and provide you international visibility and opportunities on our online platform.

Individual SEED Membership

SEED Members are supporting and sustaining the activities of EUROTAS around the world, while reciprocally being nourished by the richness of knowledge and opportunities provided by the mycelium web of the transpersonal global community. You will also benefit from exclusive content, discounts on events and courses, as well as joining the Transpersonal Forum and make meaningful connections. Whether Students, Artists, Activists, Medicine Women & Men, Psychonauts, Spiritual Teachers, Coaches, Social Workers, Energy Healers, Body Workers, Sacred Rebels, Curious Minds – join EUROTAS and together we grow strong.

Benefits of your Membership


> Knowledge sharing

EUROTAS members benefit from a unique platform of sharing of knowledge with researchers, professionals and pioneers in the transpersonal field around the world.

> Participation in a Global Community

Whether you are seeking to connect and collaborate with other professionals or researchers in the transpersonal field, in your travels, remotely, or during our yearly congress, EUROTAS members opens the door to offer one other reciprocity on every continent – making each individual membership a truly global one.

> Advocacy for the Transpersonal Field

A EUROTAS certification / accreditation offers the opportunity to truly advocate for the Transpersonal Field participating in international research projects and strengthen the visibility & recognition of transpersonal professionals.

> Collaborative setting of standards

EUROTAS members have a voice in setting standards in ethics, education, therapy, psychology, research, ecology, sociology, philosophy and beyond thanks to the partnership EUROTAS establishes with other leading organizations within and beyond our field.

> Special discounted rates

EUROTAS members benefit from “members-only” rates at annual EUROTAS Congress, our annual signature event. Members also benefit from discounted rates at other conferences, trainings, events and networks organized by EUROTAS members and partners worldwide.

> Peer-to-peer learning

All EUROTAS members, whether they are large and established institutes or new and emerging professionals, have regular opportunities to share knowledge, research, and information about what works – and what doesn’t – through our Transpersonal Forum platform as well as other channels.

> Global visibility

EUROTAS Leaf and Tree members have the unique opportunity to promote their events and activities on our online global communication platforms and newsletters, gaining a great visibility within the international transpersonal community.


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