EUROTAS National Delegates

EUROTAS, the Global Transpersonal Network, envisions a community of individuals with a clear vision, an open mind, and a light heart – a community driven by awareness, compassion, and a deep sense of kinship with Mother Earth. We are dedicated to fostering a culture of sharing and integration, where science, art, and spirituality converge to bring forth an integral approach grounded in the transpersonal vision.

EUROTAS National Delegates play a crucial role in helping us to fulfill this mission.

Kati Wortelkamp | Germany
Stephanie Larrue | Canada
  • Country: Canada
  • Email address:
  • Bio: Stéphanie Larrue, MA, RP, MFT, CCC, PhD. (Cand.), C. Hyp. is a psychotherapist and clinical counselling hypnotherapist practicing with individuals, couples and families, with a special interest in stepfamilies and in transpersonal psychology and quantum hypnotherapy. She has been teaching since 2010 at Saint-Paul University, the University of Ottawa and the Université de Hearst in Canada. She has been training in trance work (channelling, healing, meditation, mindfulness and hypnotherapy) for 25 years. She is currently conducting her PhD. research on therapy for stepfamilies and how spirituality plays a role in therapy for these families under the supervision of Dr. Laura Armstrong, C. Psych. Stéphanie Larrue has various publications and communications on stepfamilies, the transpersonal therapeutic use of self, transcendence, trance, spirituality in psychotherapy and transpersonal psychotherapy.
Kim Kwon Myoung | Korea
Mario Resende | Portugal
Michail Karpathiou | Greece
  • Country: Greece
  • Email addres:
  • Bio: Thirty years ago an unexpected spatio-temporal event, a spiritual experience led Mihail Karpathiou to the path of spiritual cultivation of sexual energy. He has trained in various psychotherapeutic systems and approaches, as well as in Chinese Medicine and a multitude of ancient systems of self-awareness, such as Taoism, Zen, Shamanism, etc. Mihail has written a book in which he presents a comprehensive view that combines ancient knowledge with modern discoveries in neuroscience and body psychotherapy. A second book entitled Magna Arte: Η Βασιλική οδός την πνευματικής ανάπτυξης  is under publication, in which he present a new point of view on the part of transpersonal sexuality. In the last twenty years he has conducted educational seminars on the topic of relationships and sexuality in Greece, Istanbul, India, New York and the United Kingdom as well as being hosted by various TV channels such as “Body and Balance” and TV shows in Greece.
Maria Islas | Mexico
  • Country: Mexico
  • Email address:
  • Bio: I am a Mexican woman involved in the creation of a variety of re-educational processes that integrate the expressive arts, transpersonal psychology, embodiment practices, and original Mexican sacred knowledge in favor of sensing-knowing and expressing our human essences in more harmonious, natural and pleasurable ways. I co-create experiential study spaces to translate knowledge belonging to original ancestry into didactic and therapeutic methodologies accessible to all human beings in search of deep reflection, the recovery of spontaneity and personal and collective reorientation. Clinical psychologist from the Claustro de Sor Juana University, professional studies in psychoanalysis and existential psychotherapy, transpersonal psychotherapist, Educator and Somatic Movement Therapist, Vijñana Yoga training (600 hours), pre-hispanic dancer, temaskalli medicine-woman and textile artist. Co-creator of Instituto Macuil (2015) where I facilitate specialized transpersonal training programs.
Milena Nardini | Brazil
  • Country: Brazil
  • Email address:
  • Bio: Milena Nardini Bubols is a psychologist who graduated from PUCRS. She is a Specialist in Transpersonal Psychology (UNIPAZ), a Master in Social and Personality Psychology, and a PhD in Clinical Psychology (PUCRS). She is the coordinator of the Transpersonal Psychology Committee of the Rio Grande do Sul Psychology Society (SPRGS) and collaborator of the Department of Psychiatry and Spirituality of the Rio Grande do Sul Psychiatry Association (DPE / APRS). She is a Transpersonal Psychotherapist and professional member of EUROTAS (European Transpersonal Association). Founding director of Unitatis – Institute of Psychology and Multidisciplinary Health, a space that seeks to integrate professionals who identify with the transpersonal approach. She teaches several courses in the area and works as a psychotherapist and clinical supervisor emphasizing Transpersonal Psychotherapy and reframing of trauma. Author of articles and books that address the integration between Science and Spirituality, such as “Development of Skills for the Clinical Management of Spirituality in Psychotherapy: A Manual for Psychotherapists”, and “Transpersonal Psychology: Integrating Science, Art, and Spirituality”. Member of the Editorial Team of Diaphora Magazine.
Paulina Pozo | Chile
  • Country: Chile
  • Email address:
  • Bio: Clinical psychologist (Universidad de Chile) and transpersonal psychotherapist (EUROTAS), specialized in Assisted Psychotherapy with Psychoactivating Techniques (IPTB). Since 2010, her field of work and study is the interface between Indo American Ancestral Medicines, Mental Health and psychospiritual development, as well as the integration of experiences in Expanded States of Consciousness in psychotherapy. Paulina is the former clinical coordinator of the Takiwasi Center (Tarapoto, Peru). Has been a teacher at universities and institutes in Chile and Peru. She co-directs retreats in the Amazon and conducts private psychotherapeutic practice. Co- founder of the School of Psychotherapy and Vegetalismo and creator of the training “Psychotherapy, Plant Medicine and Integration”.
Charlotte Kihl | Sweden
Liora Birnbaum | Israel
  • Country: Israel
  • Email address:
  • BIO: Former Head of B.A S/W program in Israeli academia and an independent researcher. She holds academic degrees in education, philosophy, social work & psychology. Liora’s pioneering work on administering mindfulness meditation workshops to social work students, paved her way to further integrate alter states of consciousness into psychotherapy As an experienced channeler she works regularly with Universal Consciousness for the benefit of her patients and students. She has obtained a large body of knowledge organized as The Psychology of the Soul, which is taught in her courses and workshops Her work is published internationally and she is currently working on a book summarizing 20 years of research. She serves in the editorial board of several international journals.
Tomas Vana | Czech Republic
  • Country: Czech Republic
  • Email address:
  • BIO: Tomas Vana is a non-profit manager with a passion for transpersonal psychology. Student of clinical psychology and Grof® Legacy Training. He’s also economist and japanologist. Since 2017 he’s been director of the International Transpersonal Center Holos in the Czech Republic. He co-organized many transpersonal events, including Czech Transpersonal Conference, International Transpersonal Conference ITC Prague 2017 and “75 Years of LSD in Art and Science” conference. He participated in several research programs in the field of transpersonal psychology at his organization.

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