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EUROTAS members can now enjoy exclusive access to our new monthly webinars with transpersonal professionals, where they can delve into the depths and explore the transformative power of transpersonal psychology.

These webinars provide space for members to learn new techniques, engage in discussions, and gain valuable insights from the experts of the transpersonal field. Each webinar will be carefully curated to cover a range of topics, including meditation and mindfulness practices, spiritual practices, therapeutic approaches such as transpersonal psychotherapy and psychedelic-assisted therapy, exploration of altered states of consciousness and interconnectedness of mind, body, and spirit. Members will have the opportunity to engage in live Q&A sessions with the presenters, allowing a deeper understanding of the topic.

Find all the recordings here:

Transpersonal Videos by Vladimir Maykov

We have the privilege of having an exclusive access for EUROTAS members to the videos of the pioneer, transpersonal film maker and EUROTAS board member Vladimir Maykov. You can access Vladimir’s interviews with great influencers of the transpersonal field, like Ken Wilber, Stanislav Grof, Arnold and Amy Mindell and others, and also The Dance of Infinity a wonderful movie by Vladimir Maykov.


Transpersonal Project: http://transpersonal.ru/u-istokov-besedy-vladimira-majkova-s-masterami-iskusstva-nauki-i-duxovnyx-tradicij-20-vypuskov/

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EUROTAS international community has gathered for 5 days alongside the seaside at a beautiful resort in Tuscany, Italy, fully embraced by nature. We gathered from the four corners of the planet (460 participants from 43 nations), moved by a sacred ardor whose fire pervaded our days together, enlightened our consciences, and warmed our hearts. This is an authentic, living fire that will shine in us and in the world around us, for future years to come.

The theme of the International EUROTAS 2023 Gathering was: 

Waking Up | OUT OF THE CAVE | Ready for the Leap

Contributions from our special guests, pioneers of the transpersonal field, as well as many other talks, pre and post conferences, workshops, medicine circles, performances and events were dedicated to the theme of AWAKENING.

Open Access Video Recordings of the Keynote Panels of the
5th International Symposium of the EUROTAS Global Transpersonal Network

Multidisciplinary Psychedelic Council – Temple of the Peoples
Global Hybrid Symposium & Legal Psilocybin-Assisted Expert Ceremony
June 2-4, 2023, Netherlands

The Hybrid Keynote Panels of the Symposium have been recorded and made available, including the Event Synopsis Video. With this series of Open Access Event Recordings, we provide highlights from our event Birthing an Ancient Future 2023 – Global Hybrid Symposium and Legal Psilocybin-Assisted Expert Ceremony, June 2-4, 2023, NL – the 5th Symposium of the EUROTAS Global Transpersonal Network – as a gift to the greater good for educational purposes and social activism.


During the Fall Equinox 2022, we gathered for 5 days of coming together alongside a beautiful river location in the Cévennes Natural Reserve, South of France, fully immersed in the embrace of nature.

The theme of the EUROTAS 2022 Gathering was: Transpersonal Renaissance // Evolutionary Mycelium for an Ancient Future

The intention behind the 22nd EUROTAS Gathering is to hold space for transmission of knowledge and experience that bridges ancestral wisdom with modern sciences & arts within our collective consciousness. Our aim is to catalyze the ancient Mycelium of interconnection from our ancestors through the Transpersonal vision. A symbolic death of humanity’s sick womb which perpetuated war, love of power and disconnection. A breath of nourishment brought forth from the living lineage wisdom traditions of our ancestors. A rebirth in a healthy loving womb rooted in essential human qualities which we catalyze in the collective field.

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