The term Transpersonal is composed of the suffix trans and person. Trans means beyond, pervade and transform, person means mask.

A Transpersonal vision therefore works to:

  • Transcend and include the dual mind into higher states and stages of consciousness capable of grasping the true nature of human experience.
  • Pervade every level of the human being from the physical to the energetic, emotional, mental and spiritual dimensions.
  • Fostering the transformation of consciousness by overcoming identifications with personal history and accessing the highest human qualities.

A transpersonal vision is able to:

  • Provide tools to manage the hyper-complexity of the post-modern world in which we all live.
  • Offer a unified, conscious, compassionate, supportive, eco-sustainable, world-centered, transcultural, inclusive view of the problems and challenges of our time.

Considering the wide scope of perspectives to define What is Transpersonal, we share with you a research paper presenting 41 contemporary viewpoints on Transpersonal Psychology : trps-35-02-06 143..162 (

Transpersonal Manifesto

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