Transpersonal Education

Abraham Maslow said, that after self-actualizing the next step is to help others to self-actualize. Education is the most important tool regarding what kind of world we would like to leave behind us for the future generations.

The aims of EDTE are to create and promote:

  • the establishment of transpersonal institutes;
  • the studies of transpersonal psychology, psychotherapy and counselling;
  • cooperation between various institutes, exchange of knowledge, student and teacher exchange;
  • transpersonal education as a way of being, as education starts at birth and ends at death.

The common goal of EDTE is to attain a seamless self-functioning and self-regulating system that is changing and developing according to the inner and outer needs. For reaching this we have developed a model of preparedness that involves qualification, motivation, intuition, orientation, erudition, affiliation, style and health.

Our concern is for our children’s future and their well-being in the totally new world that is changing faster than ever.

Our current life-style is draining out the resources of the world and nobody really has the solution how to cope with the coming changes and challenges.

    It is critical to create a prodigy of a sustainable community that hosts “the school of future” at its heart. It is a school where an individual can become socially, emotionally, financially, virtually, culturally, intellectually, physically and spiritually independent or in one word – FREE.

    Education starts at birth and ends at death. It is a life-long flow of different learning experiences we come across in our lives.

    To be able to design a realistic and acceptable future education model we need to synthesize the qualitative & quantitative input of:

    1) pupil’s expectation of how and what they want to learn;

    2) teacher’s expectation of how and what they want to teach;

    3) parent’s expectation of ideal state of their children after going to school;

    4) mindfulness trainings from kindergartens, sharing of feelings and hopes to create a system of cooperation rather than competition;

    5) the opinion of leaders in society about forecast of the future needed competences.

    To understand learning as an activity, phenomena and process we need to expand upon it as a sum of different activities, e.g., experimenting, researching, teaching, learning, playing, creating, working, studying, analyzing, synthesizing, discovering, formulating, searching, conducting, mimicking, cooperating and communicating. It is important to emphasize that every activity includes a portion of all the other activities of the system.

    The system of transpersonal education will encourage young people to express their educational and emotional needs, to involve parents and families in the educational process.

    We are opened to more discussion, new ideas and proposals!

    Jure Biechonski

    EDTE has established a Charter that describes its goals and activities.

    List of institutions, providing education in transpersonal psychology and psychotherapy.

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