The Transpersonal in the age of artificial intelligence

21 June 2024

Eragny-sur-Oise, France

CesHum Institute


Today’s world is constantly changing, and information and communication technologies have transformed the way we interact and think.

In this hyperconnected world, we are often overwhelmed by an overwhelming amount of information keeping our attention primarily on the matter and ego level. We have to recognize that this hyperconnectivity, over time, ultimately distances us from ourselves, paradoxically from others, and makes us lose contact with our essence.

The transpersonal paradigm invites us to meet ourselves and others in depth and to transcend the limits of our ego to connect to something greater than ourselves. It reminds us of the need to consider with equal attention all planes of being and existence.

This notion of balance is fundamental so that the process and the experience are lived at best. Maintain the balance between our relationship to the material dimension of our incarnation, with that which we maintain with the Invisible, the Mystery, the Divine whatever the name we give it and that which we are offered to live with artificial intelligence, promoting openness to new perspectives that allow us to live fully in today’s world…

It is in the research posture that is dear to us that we invite you to this symposium to question and explore this subject together. The broad spectrum of the transpersonal approach promises to nourish all dimensions through conferences, round tables, workshops and interactive discussion groups. Looking forward to experiencing this moment with you.


This event is organised by CESHUM, l’Ecole du Transpersonnel, EUROTAS partner and accredited institute. It will offer one day long free lectures and workshops.

Send your proposals to Bernadette Blin:
All information will be provided after registration.

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