Peace as a process transforming fear to authenticity, connectedness, and love

with Ingo Benjamin Jahrsetz, Magda Solé, and Jaume Mestres.

Date:             2023, July 27 – August 7.

Place:            The retreat center is beautifully situated in the rainforest, at the ocean- coast. The nearest airport is Veracruz / Mexico. From there a bus will pick you up and take you to the center.

Cost:          2950€  per Retreat

Our planet is suffering on many levels. Its ecological balance is on the brink of breakdown. This means that our earth is at risk to become uninhabitable. This is an existential danger for our nature and for all human beings. Our nature is on the verge of dying, plants and animals disappearing, many humans feel threatened to death and a clash of powers with terrorism, revolts, and wars, is increasingly shaking the outer and inner worlds.

To reverse and heal this process of destruction requires committed cooperation and a kind of psycho-spiritual synergy between individuals and the states all over the planet.

Fortunately, there are many people all over the world, working individually or in smaller and bigger groups, trying to contribute to this transformation.

Ignorance can transform into respect, envy, and greed into gratefulness, hate, and fear into empathy and compassion.

This process needs courage, trust, and community.

Ingo B. Jahrsetz, Magda Solé and Jaume Mestres as the facilitators invite you to this transformative process: this summer in a more intimate group format. In the upcoming years, maybe this work can be extended.

In the 10 days of the retreat, we’ll work with meditation, Holotropic Breathwork and common sharing, with Systemic Constellations, and a special process of deep meditation.


The retreat will take place where the richness and beauty of nature invites to contact the mystery of life. We’ll be at the tropical ocean coast, in midst of the rain-forest’s wild life. It is easy in this surrounding to become aware as a part of nature and its cosmic cycles. To experience us in this close surrounding of nature may contribute to an understanding of how important our cooperation is with the natural forces and how important it is to contribute to the creation of synergy between humans and nature and between the energies of the ego and the universal self.

For us facilitators, it feels like being called because of its urgency. We live in a world of all-connectedness, oneness and deep separateness, violent splits, and distractedness. And we know from the encounter and our work with many people in different parts of our world how they are suffering from this present situation. We feel torn apart: On the one side we feel the increasing closeness and intimacy of us all-together and on the other side there are the different kinds of ego-centered and violent energies. We observe this in the so called “outer world” of politics and socio-cultural difficulties, but many people feel these splits also in their psyche. There they cause individual conflicts and deep distractedness from themselves, and at the same time an unquenchable zest for the realization of the life’s beauty, for love without conditions and reliable peace.

Fortunately, we have the privilege of belonging to a transpersonal community that takes us on a collective journey of peace and compassion with the whole world and the people around us, together we will create this world full of powerful energies of love and peace that will influence without a doubt and it will reach all the souls of the planet who are currently going through painful and complicated situations.

Communion retreat (from Latin communio: whole, together, completely)

We have been doing retreats and trips for years, but this time something very special and unique awaits us. The place where we are going to be has such peculiar characteristics that when Alexander von Humboldt was here two centuries ago, he was the first to explain the fundamental functions of the forest in the ecosystem and climate, both the ability of trees to store water and enrich the atmosphere with its humidity, as the protection they gave to the ground and its cooling effect. In Veracruz he receives homage.














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