Psychosynthesis Life Coaching Training Accredited ICF ACSTH

Founded by Italian psychiatrist Roberto Assagioli, M.D. in the mid-1900s, Psychosynthesis, a transpersonal psychology, brings valuable insights not only into the coaching conversation, but also to how we view ourselves and our lives.
“Transpersonal”is also defined as “denoting, or dealing with states or areas of consciousness beyond the limits of personal identity”. Considering the variety of masks we all wear as we go through the day, this raises the question of “what” or “who” is the “identity”.
The Psychosynthesis Life Coach has the understanding and the tools to go beyond the presenting obstacle toward an outcome and to help the client understand “who” is presenting the obstacle while reaching the desired goal. The result is a life-changing experience, as the client wakens to the realization that, aside from being a partner, soccer mom, father, good daughter, rebel, executive, entrepreneur, manager, etc. they are a center of pure awareness and will – a “Self”. In fact, this process is called “Self-realization”, and the cornerstone of Psychosynthesis is that we all have the ability and the will to both discover and to follow our life’s calling: our “Call of Self” as we define. Which means be Who We Truly Are in our completely unique journey through life, realizing our highest potential.

  • Flexible Schedule
  • Self-paced online learning
  • Revolving Program- start when you want and study when you want!

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