Being Human in a world in transition


The words “being”, “human”, “world”, “transition” touch us in what and who we are –particularly in this time of transition that has become very real for the planet that hosts us, in today’s world, which is essentially constructed on patriarchal and economic values, and in the world of the future, with, we are told, will be a combination of catastrophic events and enhanced humans.

For the first time in the history of mankind, man represents the most serious danger to his own survival. He has become his own enemy, identified as he is with his ego, whose narrow vision does not include cooperation or respect for the planet. While some cannot live in dignity – or die of starvation and lack of care – others become neurotic and addicted. Our world is in total imbalance at many levels: global warming, overexploitation of natural resources, social injustice and the loss of biodiversity are all direct consequences of our civilization that are now threatening us. We are all in this adventure together and dependent on each other.

A wave of awareness is passing through our societies, but changes occurs only slowly. Politicians and the majority of the population do not want to take serious action, seeming to believe that small adjustments will be enough to curb the situation, without losing too much of the comfort acquired in the industrial age. This great global and humanitarian crisis comes to question our rich countries about our ability to lose and let go of our comforts, goods and habits. It questions our positioning as human beings in relation to life, nature, others and thus our whole way of living our “humanness”.

  • Is human being an individual or a collective experience?
  • How do we relate to nature, that we have greatly exploited and enslaved? Can we conceive of ourselves as independent of our nourishing “mother”?
  • What about the concept of “transhumanism”, what does it mean and why?
  • Is it not rather a question of finding our roots, our reason and our heart?
  • What balance and what human ecology is possible without respect for the collective whole and without recognition of our origins?
  • What does this turbulent phase teach us about the earth and about ourselves? How can we navigate through it?
  • And how can we accompagny individuals and communities in this passage ?

Since its beginnings, the transpersonal movement has explored these questions through its global and spiritual vision of life and being. This approach is shared by various artistic, philosophical, spiritual and shamanic traditions and is receiving increased recognition from modern science. Le CesHum (Centre d’ Enseignement en Sciences Humaines, France), Approches Transpersonnelles (Belgium) and l’ASAPT (Association Suisse d’Anthropologie et de Psychologie Transpersonnelle) invite you to the annual congress of EUROTAS (European Transpersonal Association) from 25 to 29 September 2019 for a joint exploration of these themes. The congress will include lectures, round table discussions and experiential workshops, led by professionals from a wide range of disciplines and backgrounds. During these five days, you will be able to discover, question, meet, experiment, testify and imagine the future. This congress will thus play an active role in the inevitable transformation that is announced. Thus, we kindly invite you to participate in this practical sharing. While exchange is necessary and enlightening, now it is time for the transpersonal movement, EUROTAS and its partners, in consultation with the citizens movements, to engage in concrete actions towards the transition to a world where all living beings will live in dignity – in a world where respect and love are key values.

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