Research: The Spiritual Experience Inventory


(the artist behind this image and of the main gathering visual, Luis Tamani, will be present in the gathering as a representative of Amazonian indigenous traditions)

Dear Friends,

As EDTR, the research department of EUROTAS, in collaboration with ITI (integral Transpersonal Institute of Milan) who set up the questionnaire, we propose the Spiritual Experience Inventory explained in the link below, as the first research project of our department.

The survey was presented at the XXI EUROTAS CONFERENCE in Tallin on the 24th from 16.30 to 17,45 during the Workshop: EDTR “Higher Transpersonal Education, Research and Publication: A Call for the Next Generations and the Young@Heart”

We kindly ask you to read and answer the survey you can find at this link:   
You are also invited to share with colleagues and friends.

Thanks for your collaboration.

The EDTR Team

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