Fundraising for the EUROTAS gathering 2022


(the artist behind this image and of the main gathering visual, Luis Tamani, will be present in the gathering as a representative of Amazonian indigenous traditions)
Since this gathering is organized by young individuals and not a long-standing institute or organization (as it usually is), we are reaching out to YOU, the global Transpersonal community, for your support and generosity.

We have set up crowdfunding that would help us in creating the most potent and transformative gathering. Here is the link Fundraiser by EUROTAS – GLOBAL TRANSPERSONAL NETWORK : Transpersonal Renaissance Crowdfunding (

With your donations, we promise to use all gathered resources to invest in:

• Having a sufficient budget to afford to invite as many authentic lineage holders of ancestral traditions such as Tibetan Bonpo Dzogchen, Mayan, Amazonian, Siberian, Western African, Celtic, Sufi… The network is there, it’s a matter of transport & accommodation, and so of financial resources

• Bringing you the best quality sound system and audiovisual equipment for the most pleasant conferences and pristine musical quality for performances

• Inviting a diverse yet meticulous selection of ethnic, shamanic, and electronic musical artists & performers from around the world

• Inviting keynote international pioneers from fields such as Transpersonal Psychology and Psychotherapy, Neuroscience, Anthropology, Molecular Biology, Quantum Physics, and more

• Holding space for a magical gallery of Visionary Artists

• Creating an eclectic healing area with different therapeutic holistic modalities

…and much more!

With your generosity and support, we promise to do our best to sow powerful healing seeds for generations ahead.

Donate Now Fundraiser by EUROTAS – GLOBAL TRANSPERSONAL NETWORK : Transpersonal Renaissance Crowdfunding (

With love and Gratitude,

Transpersonal Network eurotas

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