EUROTAS gathering 2022 – Transpersonal renaissance


This year, as every year, EUROTAS will be organizing its annual event. For those of you who missed the announcement in Tallin, the upcoming EUROTAS 2022 will be organized by members of the EUROTAS Youth Council and will be slightly different; rather than just a congress, it is a Gathering, merging a congress and a festival.

The theme of this gathering is: Transpersonal Renaissance // Evolutionary Mycelium for an Ancient Future

Starting on the fall equinox, we invite you to 5 days of coming together alongside a beautiful river location in the Cévennes Natural Reserve, South of France, fully immersed in the embrace of nature.
When: September 21 to 25, 2022
Where: ISIS en Cévennes Camping, 30440 Saint-Julien-de-la-Nef, South of France (nearest airport is Montpellier)

This event is not a usual EUROTAS conference. The intention is to merge together the added value of Transpersonal Conferences with the magic and healing power of a festival setting. Thus, it is called a Gathering.

Theme: Transpersonal Renaissance // Evolutionary Mycelium for an Ancient Future

The intention behind the 22nd EUROTAS Gathering is to hold space for transmission of knowledge and experience that bridges ancestral wisdom with modern sciences & arts within our collective consciousness. Our aim is to catalyze the ever-present nourishing Mycelium of our ancestors in our world today through the Transpersonal vision.

A symbolic death of humanity’s sick womb which perpetuates war, lust for power, and disconnection from nature’s ecosystem. A gentle breath of nourishment brought forth from the living lineage wisdom traditions of our ancestors. A rebirth from a healthy loving womb rooted in essential human qualities which we catalyze in the collective field.
Our wish is to invite and gather authentic Indigenous lineage holders from different regions (check out the crowdfunding fundraiser below), pioneer Transpersonal keynote speakers, and quality Visionary artistic performers. There will be a vast diversity of conferences, workshops, a healing area, ceremonies, healing celebration through music & dancing, inner exploration, a visionary art exhibit, all for a unique transpersonal celebration. Make sure to save the dates in your calendar, and free up the 21 to 25 September 2022!

The gathering website is under construction and will be online soon. We will keep you updated ♥

You can start submitting your proposals for lectures, workshops, round-tables, artistic performances, and ceremonies, by filling out the following Pre-Registration form 
We invite you to share it with anyone that is in line with the themes proposed in the form.

If you have any questions, please write to  

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