Transpersonal journey to shamanic Mexico


Ethnotherapeutic seminar
From Saturday, July 23 to Monday, August 8, 2022
Led by Bernadette BLIN, Magda SOLE and Jaume MESTRES and Shamans and Mexicans

Come and live a profound and multiple experience, centered on the expanded states of consciousness, in the heart of the Mexican civilization with a rich therapeutic and spiritual past.
For the past 30 years, Mexico has welcomed us to live both inner healing experiences and a cultural and spiritual discovery of the country.
You will have the opportunity to practice Grof® Breathwork in an unusual and enchanting context, to live different shamanic ceremonies (limpias, temazcal, healing rituals…) with different traditional healers (shamans or curanderos).
You will also discover sumptuous landscapes, different archeological sites during the itinerant seminar, and you will have the chance to access places that are not open to tourists.
Mexico itself is an adventure inside and out.

(20 participants maximum – for French-speaking people)

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