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Baiba Redere


For me, painting is a way to experience the imperceptible, to attempt reproducing the unreproducable, to say the unsayable. It is a language enabling me to communicate in levels beyond words. And – succumbing to the creative, loving power in me! Therefore, abstraction is my most favourite trend in art. It does not prompt how to look and what to think. Often, viewers are scared at this trend as it seems to be complicatedly not to understand what is depicted. However, exactly the attempts to understand restricts you the most, puts you in a frame, stereotypes, representations, prevents you from experiencing the live, sublime, creative, mysterious in yourself and in the world around yourself. Therefore, such art also from the viewer requires indulgence, sensitiveness, intuitive watching, co-feeling. It must not be understood; allow it to touch, stir, vibrate, inspire you!

Once upon a time, there was a circle. It was drawn in sand on a seashore. „I know the secret of infinity”, the circle said. The sea splashed a wave of water and erased a part of the circle.
„Infinity is alive”, it said. (J. Rubenis, M. Subačs)

I think on similar lines and invite you to look for a mystery both in life and art!


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