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Kateřina Machytková


At the beginning there was the Word, or rather Idea, a spiritual impetus originating from the Consciousness. At the beginning there was the Soul… Words are sometimes difficult to find to express what transcends our everyday life and our material world. We stand filled with awe and amazement in front of what goes beyond us, in front of the greatness and complexity of the creative principles of the Universe, in front of the Divine Consciousness. And yet we too are part of it, a spark of consciousness, we were born from it, we belong to it. If we dare to go into the depths of our soul again, beyond individual experiences we find what unites us all… I believe that people in the future will find a common language again. We will discover that we are part of the “Anima mundi”, the Cosmic Soul and our souls are all parts of it. Perhaps an artistic representation can also help to find and see the connections.

In my paintings I try to describe stories of searching and finding the Light. The Light which our souls desire, ­as we desire the Sun after a long and gray Winter. Because we can not be without it… The paintings help us to see this desire. And to realize what can help us on our way. Sometimes we need more energy, power, warmness, courage, at other times calmness and empathy… A painting that we would call spiritual doesn’t aways have to be just calming. It can be a sort of mirror too. A mirror in which we can honestly observe ourselves and our soul, our emotions and subconsciousness…

Topics of my paintings are inner experiences and states of the heart and psyche. I have been very sensitive since my childhood, having a lot of vivid dreams and spontaneous spiritual experiences. Abstract paintings allow me to express all this. The creation of each painting is for me a deep, intuitive and honest process. I paint while listening to music in a meditative state of mind. This way the finished painting also contains these energies of searching and finding…

I was born 1973 in Prague, studied College and high art school of Vaclav Hollar, in last years I live with my family in Berlin. My whole life I work as professional artistic painter, but I also dedicated myself for several years to my 3 children. I exhibited my works in Germany, Italy, Austria, Switzerland and Czech republic. I use all classical techniques – watercolor, oil and mostly acrylic. In the past I did mainly paintings for children and illustrations for books – “Prophet” by Kahlil Gibran, “The Divine Comedy” by Dante, “Calendar of the Soul” by Rudolf Steiner and cycle of paintings and texts dedicated to the signs of the Zodiac. In recent years I make abstract and spiritually focused symbolic paintings.

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