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Karina Bertolotto


I have been a psychotherapist and an artist for the largest part of my life. My own transformation, my insights and ideas have always found their way into matter through my artworks, be it painting of sculpting.

In recent years, I have been looking for a new means of expression, that would allow me to share my visions with more and more people. I found it in the combination of collage and digital art.

The images that are created though me come from transpersonal states of consciousness. In each of them appear an image of the feminine, is an homage to woman, especially mother earth, the female source from where we all came from. These images are in deep connection with the woman soul wounding that is a result of patriarchy and with the awareness that is life on earth the one that is challenged and is at stake since the moment we lost the sacred way our connection with the source. And perhaps our survival as a species depends on the connection with the sacred feminine. As Sri Aurobindo says: “If there is to be a future, wear a crown of feminine design”.

They emerge from the deep search of myself, the transformation of what I was to reach what could potentially be and beyond myself reach the whole, the universe, the cosmos and integrate in my polarities because if I am in full contact with my femininity therefore I give the total welcome to the masculine in me.

This images can be used to induce meditational states and stimulate dreaming, also they can enhance awareness and can open doors to visions.

For more info about my work please visit my website

Visions of Realms Beyond


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