Psychedelic-Assisted Group Retreat of Birthing an Ancient Future:

Spring Celebration – Ceremony of Life, March 7 – 10, 2024, Portugal


In our Spring Retreat, we will celebrate the sacredness of all life on the Women’s Day weekend, acknowledging that all life is born from the female receptive energy and sparkled by the masculine, active energy and honouring the Earth Body as our home.

The foundation of the work in our retreats is based on education, guidance, and co-creation of a conscious way of living through the heart, drawing on many different modalities of bodywork, outdoor rituals in Nature, music, dance, voice/sound, deep intimacy work, psychedelic-assisted technologies, bridging shamanic and modern science frameworks. We focus on reconnecting with our ancestral wisdom and caring for future generations to enhance harmony and balance within and around us.

It is an expanded framework of conscious living in an interconnected rootedness and belonging. We emphasize the importance of a transgenerational perspective for healing and empowerment. We honor those who walked before us and cherish those who walk after us, spanning from connecting with the elder’s wisdom to the youth and our little ones.

In our past New Year Retreat, our youngest member was a one-year-old girl; with her Mama and Papa, she participated in our sacred ceremonial alchemy of living in community, transitioning together into 2024.

Join like-minded individuals in this upcoming global gathering of our Spring Retreat.
Living a conscious way of life through an awakened heart becomes a Ceremony of Life.

Limited spaces. Apply/Register here:

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