NEW! Open Access Video Recordings available on YouTube of the Keynote Panels of the
5th International Symposium of the EUROTAS Global Transpersonal Network



Multidisciplinary Psychedelic Council – Temple of the Peoples

Global Hybrid Symposium & Legal Psilocybin-Assisted Expert Ceremony

June 2-4, 2023, Netherlands


Recordings on our YouTube Channel: @birthinganancientfuture


The Hybrid Keynote Panels of the Symposium have been recorded and made available, including the Event Synopsis Video. With this series of Open Access Event Recordings, we provide highlights from our event Birthing an Ancient Future 2023 – Global Hybrid Symposium and Legal Psilocybin-Assisted Expert Ceremony, June 2-4, 2023, NL – the 5th Symposium of the EUROTAS Global Transpersonal Network – as a gift to the greater good for educational purposes and social activism.

Grandmother Spider is seen across cultures as the mother of the universe and weaveress of the creation of all life. She is the patron of the vision manifested in the BIRTHING AN ANCIENT FUTURE 2023.

In the one-day Global Hybrid Symposium, we co-created a wisdom field by braiding indigenous and psychedelic science intertwined with Nature and art immersion at the pristine land of the Art Centre Delft, NL. The event focused on bridging ancient wisdom traditions and modern psychedelic science with the example of Mexican mushroom cults. It included a Mexican delegation of curanderos and speakers. We integrated Mexican Rituals and a Mexican Dance Ceremony in the Sacred Tree Spiral of the Symposium Venue with keynote panels, workshops, art, and music.

With a smaller group from the Symposium, we traveled onwards and distilled further healing, transformation, new understandings, and insights in the Legal Psilocybin-Assisted Expert Group Retreat with intimate Nature immersion, a traditional Mexican Cacao Ceremony, and a legal psilocybin-containing Truffle Ceremony in a pristine Sacred Nature Reserve Retreat Center. We integrated in co-creative and respectful ways the indigenous Mexican Mazatec approach and other shamanic and modern psychedelic and integration methods by bridging the different worlds. The overarching intention was the collective and planetary transformation for the Stewardship of a New Earth.

At the core of this collective work is to restore an Intimate Interconnectedness with all relations from all traditions and all directions, interweaving ancient wisdom with modern psychedelic science. It is a reciprocal process of being woven and actively and responsibly weaving. It requires a surrender to the greater good. It starts within us to awaken the seeds of trust and love and to spread the seeds in all our lives and work.

We thank all your presences from the visible and invisible realms who co-created the birthing of this event’s vision of an ancient future. 

We invite co-creative collective transformational processes and further global gatherings with like-minded individuals and organizations from interdisciplinary fields. Come and join the sacred weaving of Birthing an Ancient Future as a collaborator and co-creator.

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From heart to heart,

Visionary Organizer/Host: Regina U. Hess, Ph.D., and Team, NL/Portugal

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